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Keepsake Jewelry Information

Memorial Jewelry Pendants: A Short Summary

Memorial Pendants is a general term that is used to describe Keepsake Jewelry, Keepsake Urn Necklaces, Cremation Jewelry, and Urn Pendants. All are relatively interchangeable terms that refer to wearable pendants or jewelry that are designed to allow you to carry a small amount of your loved ones ashes with you.

The tradition of keepsake jewelry goes back to the Middle Ages when "Memento Mori" ("Remember Me") jewelry was created by encasing a lock of hair in gold, silver or other precious material.

Memorial Jewelry Pendants are versatile in the sense that they may be used to hold cremated remains (ashes), a lock of hair or even dried ceremonial flowers. Memorial jewelry pendants are small, so they require only a tiny amount of cremated remains.

Mainely Urns' Unique Line of Memorial Jewelry Pendants:

Our line of Memorial Jewelry Pendants offers a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles to accommodate your personal tastes while representing the life of a love one who has passed. Depending on your liking, pieces are made of cherished materials including sterling silver, 14K gold, gold vermeil (gold plated), pewter, brass and titanium. Our line incorporates discrete pieces so you can carry your loved ones ashes with you into your daily routine by while giving the appearance of traditional ornamental jewelry. We also carry memorial jewelry designs that clearly maintain the idea of cremation jewelry. Those designs would include a tear drop or tiny urn.

When you are not wearing your Memorial Jewelry Pendant, you have the option of displaying them in a Keepsake Glass Dome. These are blown glass domes that have a hook which allows you to hang your pendant and keep it safe while still displaying it. Keepsake Glass Domes have bases that are made of pewter or brass with a gold overlay.

Many items have the option of engraving the individual's name, initials and life dates on to them. Those that qualify for the engraving option will have an ‘Engraving Note' below the product description. Click here for information on personalizing your keepsake pendant.

Additional Information on Our Memorial Jewelry Pendants:

Each Memorial Jewelry Pendant is shipped with a funnel, glue, and complete instructions on how to fill your jewerly item and how to clean and care for your keepsake jewelry item. To ensure quality, we ask that you please be sure to check over each piece when it arrives. Also, please note that when engraving is requested shipping may be delayed as we may need an additional 1-4 days personalize your piece.

Keepsake Jewelry Engraving Notes: (For engravable items only. Item description will indicate if engraving is available.)

  1. Engraving can delay shipping 1-4 days
  2. There is an engraving charge
  3. Text is laid out for best appearance
  4. If we have questions we will contact you
  5. Engraved items can not be returned unless we make a mistake

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