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Care and Cleaning of Keepsake Jewelry

The following are instructions for cleaning and care of you new cremation jewelry pendant or necklace. Please read in entirety as there are different instructions for the different materials i.e. brass, pewter, sterling silver, gold vermeil and 14K gold. These instructions were provided to us by one of our cremation keepsake pendant manufacturers but are general enough to apply to most all cremation jewelry pendants and necklaces. If you have questions regarding the care of your memorial necklace or pendant please contact us.

• To maintain the seal and bond, pendants SHOULD NOT be immersed in liquids.

• The sterling pendants shine can be restored as needed with silver cleaner by applying it with a jewelry cloth to avoid scratching.

• A layer of silicone is applied to brass and pewter pendants to avoid tarnishing. Due to unique skin types, each individual may cause metal to tarnish differently.

o Shine may be restored to tarnished Brass, Pewter, Silver, and 14K Gold by using a polishing cream and a soft cloth.

• The gold-plated "Gold Vermeil" pendants are plated with 100 milligrams of gold, making them Vermeil, one of the best grades of plating available.

o For Vermeil, if necessary, a damp cloth can be used. However, it is NOT recommended that you use polishing creams. This may remove the finish.

• If your Keepsake Jewelry becomes scratched, you may take it to a local jeweler to have it buffed for you.

• It is recommended that you invest in a Keepsake Dome to protect your pendant when you are not wearing it.

• For other questions, Contact Us and we will be able to give you product information specific to your piece.

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