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Filling and Sealing Keepsake Jewelry

The following are instructions for both filling cremation jewelry and sealing your new cremation jewelry pendant or necklace. These instructions were provided to us by one of our cremation pendant manufacturers but generally apply to most all cremation jewelry pendants and necklaces regardless of the manufacturer. As always, contact us if you have questions, comments or concerns regarding your memorial necklace or pendant.

CLICK HERE to view helpful filling and sealing images.

1. Remove cap from pendant.

2. Place funnel in the neck of the pendant.

3. Using a small spoon (not included), fill the pendant no more than 90% full with fine cremated remains.

4. After filling, remove funnel and clear cremated remains from neck of pendant with pick.

5. Before preparing glue, screw and unscrew top several times to ensure that the threads are clear.

6. Lay pendant on polish cloth, with lid on, while preparing epoxy/super glue.

7. Following the package directions, mix epoxy. NOTE: It is important to mix equal parts of resin and hardener. These will appear cloudy when mixed. If for some reason you do not have enough to seal you pendant, Contact Us for additional supplies.

8. Using pick, spread epoxy carefully inside the neck of pendant, being careful not to get adhesive on the body of the pendant.

9. Replace cap of pendant, being careful to position it properly. Some pendants need to be left a quarter-of-a-turn loose to ensure that the necklace loop is in the correct position. (See diagram below for correct positioning). Do not be concerned with tightness because the epoxy will seal up the threads of the pendant.

10. Line up the eye of cap so that necklace chain can be threaded from on side of the pendant to the other. (If pendant is threaded front-to-back, the chain will twist and pendant will not hang correctly). See instructions below for specific pendants.

11. Filigree pendants are sealed by inserting glass cylinder (cap up) into figure. Then place epoxy on cap and screw to secure.

12. Tear Drops, Bears, and Cherubs are filled by removing screw from bottom of the pendants. Epoxy is then applied to the inside of the opening and screw is replaced.

13. Epoxy may bond in approximately five minutes. However, it is recommended that you wait at least 24 hours before wearing to ensure that bond strength will endure continual wear. To maintain bond, pendants SHOULD NOT be immersed in liquids. For Cleaning and Care see instructions for manufacturer recommended methods.

Click here for keepsake jewelry and memorial pendant cleaning and care instructions.