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Short Sentiments for Urns and Memorials

A Kinder Man We Did Not Know

A Kinder Soul God Did Not Know

Always in Our Hearts

Always Remembered

An Angel Visited The Green Earth, And Took A Flower Away

Beloved Daughter, Devoted Mother

Beloved Wife and Mother

Brief is life but love is long

Dearly Loved

Deeply Missed, Forever Loved

Forever in Our Hearts

Forever Remembered

Forever Treasured

Forever In Our Thoughts

Gone But Not Forgotten

Gone from us, but not forgotten

In Remembrance Of

In Loving Memory

I Will Never Forget You

In Heaven May You Live Beside God

Loving Memories Last Forever

Loving Memories

Loved and Remembered

Love, Peace, Faith

Loving Father and Friend

My Beloved Friend

My Everything

My Love is Forever Yours

My Love is Forever Yours

Our Eternal Strength

Rest in Peace

Sleep, My Little One, Sleep

So Small, So Sweet, So Soon

Strong Devoted Mother, Wife and Friend

Too Dearly Loved To Be Forgotten

Treasured Memories Of

Unable are the loved to die. For love is immortality

We Love You

With All Our Love

We Will Never Forget

We Will Always Love You

Where there is sorrow, There is holy ground

You Are Forever Loved

You Gave Us Many Happy Years

Your Memory Will Ever Be With Me

Pet Specific Sentiments

A Friend Forever

A Loving Cat

A Loving Dog

A True Companion

Always Our Buddy

Beloved Friend

Champion of Champions


My Beloved Companion

My Beloved Dog

My Beloved Pet

My Faithful Friend

My Wonderful Companion

My Wonderful Pet

Our Baby

Our Little Kitty

So Loyal - So Loving - So Sweet

Your Paws Left Prints On Our Hearts