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How to Install a Cast Bronze Plaque

How to Install a Cast Bronze Plaque

Follow these simple steps to install your cast bronze plaque. This method decribes the "conceal mount" technique where you do not have access to the other side of a wall. If you did have access to the back of the wall, you would use a washer and nut to secure each post.


Step 1

Locate the post holes in the back of the plaque.

Step 2

Create a paper template from the post holes.

Step 3

Hold or tape the template paper where the plaque will be mounted and mark the holes for drilling.

Step 4

Use a hammer drill and appropriate drill bit for the material of your wall.

Step 5

Insert the posts in the drilled holes and mount your paper template to double check your placement.

Step 6

Remove the posts from the wall and screw them into the back of the plaque.

Step 7

Dry-fit the plaque in the drilled holes. If it doesn't fit properly, re-drill the holes as needed.

Step 8

Fill the drilled holes completely with heavy duty construction adhesive.

Step 9

Line the back of the plaque with beads of the adhesive.

Step 10

Line up the plaque with the drilled and filled holes and insert.

Step 11

Using a rubber mallet, ensure that the plaque is flush against the wall so that the beads of adhesive will adhere to both surfaces.

Step 12

The finished installation.