Faux Leather Book Urns

What are faux leather book urns?

Our fake book urns are authentic reproductions taken from genuine antique leather books. They are produced by a company that makes other “fake book" items and faux book panels.

Imitation or faux books are moulded from real antiquarian leather books. Individually coloured and gilded, they are also called false books, fake books, faux books or dummy books and are used to produce false libraries and decorate bookshelves, doors, and stately homes. Traditionally, false books or faux books are used to create a library look. Faux books give the appearance of real leather bound books. The fake books have classic titles of English and French novels and Law titles.

Skilled and dedicated artisans continue and age-old tradition of British craftsmanship creating a specialized, high quality range of urns that takes its inspiration from the antique books found in English homes. Only work of the highest quality, which has passed stringent workshop checks at each stage in production, is permitted to carry our artist's seal.

Of Antiquarian interest, faux books enhance a study or existing library. Faux books can be used on existing shelves or in alcoves or on a door to create the illusion of a real bookcase.

It looks and feels like real leather, but what is it?

To the surprise of many of our clients, we use a specially formulated (and secret) resin mix to produce our products. These are hand painted by artists, then gilded and polished.

Where are they made?

They are mainly made in Cirencester, the heart of the Cotswolds in England. A beautiful and historic market town, once the capital of England in Roman times.