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Do I need to buy a Burial Vault?


Do I need to buy a burial vault for my cremation urn?

To answer this question we need to clarify a few points by asking ourselves some additional questions.

Does your cemetery require a vault?

Cemeteries and memorial gardens often require cremation urns to be first placed in a burial vault. Consult your funeral planner or local cemetery first to see if a vault is a requirement for the place of burial, interment.

What is an urn vault?

An urn vault, urn burial vault or cremation urn vault is any reinforced outer structure that protects the cremation urn against moisture and the weight of the earth.

How well do you want to protect the ashes?

The importance of an urn burial vault is clear in this example: An unprotected wooden cremation urn over time will more than likely weaken and collapse because of the moisture and the weight of the earth. Some thin metal urns, ceramic cremation urns and glass urns will collapse over time as well. The ashes will typically be contained in a plastic bag within the urn, however this will break down over time as well if exposed to moisture and mother nature.

At the ground surface, the urn collapse will usually result in a what is called a sunken grave. It is a difficult sight upon a family's visit as well as a maintenance problem for the cemetery. If you don't like the idea of this and do not want the ashes to be disturbed by natural forces then you should purchase a vault to hold the cremation urn.

Are there burial vault alternatives?

As noted above, vaults are only needed if the cemetery requires one or if you are concerned about protecting the ashes from moisture and the weight of the earth. When possible or allowed by the cemetery, it is advisable to spend a little more on a strong, durable urn. In most cases a permanent cultured marble urn, cultured marble urn/vault (an urn that doubles as a cremation urn and vault), cast bronze urn, marble urn or stone urn can eliminate the need for a burial vault. These types of urns will hold up very well over time and last for generations. Some urns will be strong enough and meet compression testing requirements to be considered vaults, even though they are sold as urns or combination urn vaults.

What does Mainely Urns recommend for burials?

The Mackenzie Cultured Marble Urn Vault is our first choice for ashes that will be buried. These urns come in many colors and are available as single or double (companion urn) models. They can be personalized with engraving (names, dates, sentiments and images). Our second choice would be any brass cremation urn that would fit in a standard urn vault like the Pyramid Burial Vault.