Birdhouse Memorial Urns Info.

Birdhouse Memorial Urns were designed to enhance the memorialization process and stimulate ceremony for families who choose to scatter the ashes of their loved one. Deathcare experts have often said that families who choose to scatter, should either mark the location of the ashes with a memorial or when that is not possible have a memorial placed close to home. It is important for the grief process to have a focal point where survivors may come to reflect and hold on to precious memories.

Birdhouse Urns address this need more then any other urn. As an urn they are dignified vessels which contain the ashes of our loved one. They are elegant enough to be displayed during any part of the funeral process. They are functional in the way they are easily able to disperse the earthly remains back into nature. They provide a lasting tribute as a living Memorial.

Many families choose to scatter because they consider it to be a more natural way to go back into the earth and continue the cycle of life. As birds come and go with the seasons, build their nest in these sacred vessels and raise their young and so on, the cycle of life continues. These memorials not only provide shelter to our winged friends but also give comfort to the survivors when they come to these places of rest. Birds often remind us of a sense of freedom and oneness with nature that many of us yearn for. Watching bird provides us with tranquil moments in time that will help us reflect on the lives of our loved one for generations to come.