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Bamboo Cremation Urn Information

Our beautiful Bamboo Urns are handcrafted from 3/4" bamboo plywood which is a sustainable and rapidly renewable resource. This bamboo is plantation grown and is not a species that is consumed by endangered Panda populations. Each urn features a Green certified and LEED-compliant (Leadership In Energy and Environmental Design) water-based finish. The base affixes with recycled steel screws.

Indoors, bamboo will last forever. Our water based finish helps preserve the urns color longer than untreated bamboo however bamboo may naturally lose its tan appearance and become a grayish color over time.

Is Bamboo Biodegradable? Yes by definition Bamboo is biodegradable and will break down over time. Biodegradable: “Capable of being broken and decomposed into innocuous products by the action of living things (such as microorganisms and bacteria)." Bamboo is a grass and as you know water and bacteria makes grass or wood (or bamboo) decompose (rot). If a bamboo urn is interred (buried into the ground), it will last about 1 to 2 years before mother nature takes over and the urn naturally starts to rapidly decompose.