7 Things to Know Before Buying a Cremation Urn

7 Things to Know Before Buying a Cremation Urn

With 19 years and 91,000+ satisfied customers I've learned a few things I can share about the cremation urn buying process. As always our staff and I are here to share our knowledge and advocate for you but here goes...our 7 things to know before you buy a cremation urn…

1.  It's Only an Urn If There Are Ashes In It

You can spend $20-$5,000 on a 'cremation urn' from us or a funeral home OR if you have something already that will accommodate your ashes...that can be your 'urn.' 

Examples: a beautiful box your uncle made, a ceramic from a vacation or local artist, a mason jar or even military ammo can (the last two are actually very popular so we now sell personalized ones). A cremation urn is simply a container that holds ashes and you can be as creative or economical as you like.

2.  Churches and Funeral Homes Rent Urns

If you just need something for a service, consult your funeral director or church. Most will have a simple yet elegant urn (something like a Classic Pewter Brass Cremation Urn) to serve as a temporary resting place or focal point for a memorial service. This will free you up to purchase your own urn after the service.

3.  Urn Sizing - Capacity / Volume Is What Matters

“What size urn do I need?" Use this page and our calculator to determine the CAPACITY of the urn you need. Don't worry about how tall or wide it is unless it's going in something like a niche or vault. You need to know how much ashes the urn will hold and how much ashes you have.

4.  Urn Sizing - Outside Dimensions

The outside measurements are important when you are looking to put your urn in a specific location, such as a vault or niche. For example if the urn is 11" wide and the niche is 10" wide, then the urn will not work.

5.  Urns Come in Many Shapes And Sizes

There are smaller capacity urns for 'sharing' ashes (or for smaller people and pets), BIG urns for larger folks and even 'companion' urns that will hold the ashes of two people.

6.  Pre Planning Makes Sense

If you want to “get it done now" we can accommodate that. You will save your family time and stress and get the exact urn you want. This will also allow you to save money, whether it be on getting a cheaper price than at a funeral home, or saving money by avoiding having to pay for a quicker delivery time.

7.  This Task Can Be Accomplished in Six Short Minutes

Utilize our 6 Minute Guide to Choosing a Cremation Urn to help you streamline the process and limit your headaches.